Photo: Berny Meyer
Photo: Berny Meyer
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You can find a map of the venue – Nuremberg’s Luitpoldhain – here.

As for any big event, a high density of traffic can be expected at STARS IM LUITPOLDHAIN. Please forgo the journey by car and use public transport or bikes instead. In any case, it is advisable to take one’s time for arrival and departure, doing so will increase your enjoyment of the concert.
If you should have to arrive by car, please follow the route guidance to the parking facilities. It will guide you to an available parking lot. It is advisable not to use navigation systems as they do not consider short-term road closures and traffic jams as well as full parking lots.


For STARS IM LUITPOLDHAIN on 6 August, 2017, the City of Nuremberg and the Police have worked out a new traffic plan which will be in effect between 18 p.m. and 0.30 a.m.

The main points are listed below.

Bayernstraße will be closed to through traffic between Münchener Straße and Regensburger Straße.
Traffic will be diverted via Münchener Straße – Scharrerstraße - Regensburger Straße and vice-versa.

Residents of Oskar-von-Miller-Straße, Herzogstraße and Schultheißallee, after control at the barriers, may drive into their residential areas.

Schultheißallee / An der Ehrenhalle will be closed to through traffic from Münchener Straße and Hainstraße. There will only be access to the car park at Meistersingerhalle. It will be possible to turn around at the tram turning loop to get back to Münchener Straße.

Visitors to STARS IM LUITPOLDHAIN will also be able to park on Volksfestplatz (fair ground). However, access to this car park is via Karl-Schönleben-Straße and Große Straße. The display panels of the dynamic traffic guidance system will be programmed accordingly.

The buses and trams of the VAG will be able to travel along the closed roads. After 10.30 p.m., there will be a taxi stand in Bayernstraße, in front of the bus stop Dokuzentrum.

Due to these restrictions, traffic might be delayed in the wider event area, in particular on the diversions and on the access roads to the car parks.

Visitors to STARS IM LUITPOLDHAIN are recommended to use public transport. The VAG will increase the frequency of buses and trams for visitors to this event.

The event area is easily accessible for cyclists. Parking facilities for bicycles are provided directly at the “Palazzo-Parkplatz” on the corner of Münchener Straße / Bayernstraße and on the street “An der Ehrenhalle”.

Drivers are requested to follow the instructions of the police officers and security staff on duty and, if possible, to avoid the event area.

Free bicycle parking lots can be found at “An der Ehrenhalle“ and at “Kurt-Klutentreter-Steg”.
Car parking spaces (at a charge) are located at “Große Straße”, at “Volksfestplatz”, in the inner courtyard of the Congress Hall, at “Bayernstraße” and – in limited numbers – at the Meistersingerhalle.  
A car park for disabled people can be found next to the “Ehrenhalle” at the road “An der Ehrenhalle”.


Line S2 (Station: Dutzendteich)


Line 6 (Station: Doku-Zentrum)
Line 9 (Station: Luitpoldhain)


Line 36 (Station: Doku-Zentrum)
Line 55 (Station: Meistersingerhalle)
Line 65 (Station: Doku-Zentrum)

The VAG employs additional vehicles at the day of the concert.


The venue of STARS IM LUITPOLDHAIN offers plenty of gastronomic takeaways. Information on the precise locations of the individual offerings can be gained at the information desks.

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