Photo: Berny Meyer
Photo: Berny Meyer
General Information

Important information

In the following sections you will find important information for your visit at STARS IM LUITPOLDHAIN.

In order to ensure a general well-being of all visitors, following prohibitions need to be obeyed.

  • do not bring your dogs
  • do not barbecue
  • do not put up pavilions and big tents
  • do not put up fences or other boundaries
  • do not bring your bikes onto the grass areas – park them at one of the free bicycle parking lots
  • do not chain up your bikes to barricades or mobile fences
  • do not stoke up open fires, especially

    • do not fly sky lanterns into the air
    • do not light torches
    • do not use extra large sparklers 


This concert has a balanced safety concept. According to the police, the current security situation has not changed compared to 2015. As in the previous years there are no concrete danger warnings for the event. Although, the police will increase its presence and force. Uniformed as well as plain-clothed police officers will be on duty. As well as this, the city of Nuremberg will expand their private security staff.

Will there be pocket controls?

Yes, but there will only be spot checks on visitors. Please appreciate those safety measures.

What can I do if I notice something unusual during the open-air concert?    

In this case, please turn to the police. You can contact them via the regular emergency number 110 or directly on-site.

What can I do if a storm comes up?

As the weather can easily change on hot days, there will be announcements on stage if signs of storm occur. In that case, please head for surrounding buildings, cars and public transport vehicles like busses or trams immediately. Keep back from the stage, tents, speaker stacks, flagpoles, lanterns and trees.  

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