Photo: Cassandra Wolf
Photo: Cassandra Wolf

Important information

In the following sections you will find important information for your visit at Stars im Luitpoldhain.



Photo: Cassandra Wolf

Information Concerning Safety and Dos and Don’ts

Here you can find frequently asked questions about safety at Stars im Luitpoldhain.

Please take the time to read this information so that Klassik Open Air is a great experience for all visitors and people involved. On the Sitemap you can find the most important facilities.


Stars im Luitpoldhain is staged in a beautiful park. Please show consideration for the unique stock of trees and the new plantings. Please don’t take bicycles onto the concert grounds. Do not put up tents or other barriers.

Please keep the rescue routes marked in white, in particular the central escape route in front of the stage, absolutely free at all times.

Please switch your mobile phones to silent so that your neighbours may listen to the concert without disturbance.

If you need help, you can contact us at any time. You will find contact people in the four information booths, with security staff to the left of the stage, with the paramedics and with the police (see Sitemap).

Broken Glass

Despite the greatest care, unfortunately it can happen that your favourite bottle of red wine or a glass gets broken. Please remove all broken glass completely so that no guests will be hurt during the concert or on their way home. Waste bins are placed on all main paths and at the loudspeaker towers. If you need help, feel free to contact the above assistance points.


For many years now, Stars im Luitpoldhain has been characterised by the exemplary way its visitors deal with waste. They leave the concert grounds as clean as they found them. We would like to continue maintaining this tradition. We would therefore ask you: please either take the leftovers from your picnic back home with you or put them in one of the waste bins provided (on all main paths and at the loudspeaker towers). Thank you very much!

Trip Hazards

In order to supply all facilities with electricity and water, we need to lay cables and hoses on the ground in many places. While they are marked as clearly as possible, we would ask you to keep your eyes open so that you do not suffer any injury. If you detect a particular trip hazard, feel free to contact us.


Please don’t bring any dogs to the concert grounds.


Drones may not be operated above crowds of people or within a radius of 100 metres around crowds of people. The police will consistently prosecute and sanction any violation of this prohibition during Stars im Luitpoldhain. We would like to ask you to observe this ban to protect guests, staff and players at Stars im Luitpoldhain.


In changeable weather conditions, please do not forget protection against rain and rain wear. Often, the rain shower will be over soon, and you can continue enjoying the festival.


In high wind and storms, trees and wooded areas should be avoided. Branches and twigs may break off and fall down. Please secure your picnic equipment so that it does not hurt anybody, and go to a safe area.


Even on the most beautiful summer days, thunderstorms may develop quite rapidly. Since the concert is staged in an open area and many metal structures such as the stage, the loudspeaker towers and the cable ducts are vulnerable to lightning strikes, it is important to go to a safe area in good time. Thunderstorms may happen rather suddenly.

We will watch the weather situation and will warn you via the loudspeaker system in time.

Please then follow our instructions fully!

Please also keep a look out for signs of thunderstorms, such as sudden gusts of wind, thunder clouds and thunder, and go to a safe place in good time. You can use the following rule of thumb to work out how far away a thunderstorm is:

  • First you count the seconds between lightning and thunder.
  • Then you divide the number of seconds by three and get the distance of the thunderstorm in kilometres.
  • When the thunderstorm is five kilometres away, i.e. when there are 15 seconds between lightning and thunder, there is immediate danger.


What to Do in Thunderstorms

Since you need to plan some time for reaching a safe place, you should start going there in good time (at the latest when there are 30 seconds between lightning and thunder).

  • Keep calm and go to a safe area:
  • your own car or a car belonging to other guests
  • trams and buses
  • arcades of the Congress Hall (behind Bayernstraße; 15 minutes on foot)

If you cannot find a safe area, please do the following:

  • Leave the great meadow which has a network of cables and ropes overhead.
  • Keep at least 10 metres distance from trees.
  • Keep at least 1 metre’s, better 3 metres distance from stage structures, tents, loudspeaker towers, flag poles, lampposts.
  • Look for a hollow and crouch down with your legs together.
  • Keep at least 1 metre’s distance from other people.


If you are asked to leave the area because of a dangerous situation, the first rule is to keep calm.

You can leave the area – with the exception of the cordoned off area behind the stage during the fireworks (see Sitemap) – in all directions.

Please follow fully the instructions given via the loudspeakers and the instructions issued by the police and by security personnel.

First Aid

You can find paramedics to the left of the stage and in the area towards Bayernstraße. You can also get dressings for smaller wounds at the four information booths (see Sitemap). In an emergency you can also call 112.


The police can be contacted at their operations centre to the left of the stage (see Sitemap). Some police officers will also continually patrol the grounds. In an emergency you can also call 110. In the grounds, the police will do sporadic checks of visitors’ bags. Please understand that this is a necessary safety measure.


Please do not leave your burning candles, sparklers and cigarettes unattended. Dry grass, clothing and blankets can be ablaze in next to no time. Open fires and barbecues are strictly prohibited across the entire grounds for safety reasons. Torches and sky lanterns are also prohibited.


If we are lucky, we will have a beautiful, sunny concert day. But too much sun can also be bad for you. Drink lots of water. Protect your skin against sunburn by using sun lotion and covering your skin.

Please take down your umbrellas and sunshades before the concert so that the visitors behind you can also enjoy a free view of the stage.

If all those involved in the concert and all visitors heed these dos and don’ts, we will all certainly have a fantastic festival. We hope you enjoy it and are brilliantly entertained.


Please don’t ...

The following prohibitions and notices apply for Stars im Luitpoldhain for the sake of the safety and wellbeing of all visitors:

  • do not bring any dogs
  • do not have a barbecue
  • do not put up any tents or awnings
  • do not put up any fences or other boundaries
  • please leave your bicycles outside the concert area. Parking for bicycles is provided at the following sites:
    • in the street “An der Ehrenhalle" (near the Ehrenhalle [hall of honour])
    • "Palazzo-Parkplatz" in Bayernstraße (below Kurt-Klutentreter-Steg)
  • please do not chain your bicycle to blocking beacons or mobile fences
  • avoid open fires at all costs, in particular:
    • do not release any sky laterns
    • do not light any garden torches or similar
    • only use sparklers of the sizes distributed or smaller

Many thanks!