Photo: Uwe Niklas
Photo: Uwe Niklas
Big Band

Stars in Luitpoldhain

Foto: Uwe Niklas

This open air meeting is going to be a unique rendezvous. And Stars im Luitpoldhain is definitely worth travelling to. On 4 August, 2019, at 8 p.m., nationally and internationally renowned show greats will be singing and playing. Confirmed participants: Clueso, De-Phazz, Bill Evans, Max Mutzke and Nightmares On Wax. Again, Nuremberg’s star percussionist, Wolfgang Haffner, will be the focus. He will welcome his friends and companions on stage in Luitpoldhain, for an exceptional evening somewhere between Pop, Jazz and Soul.

Photo: Christoph Köstlin
Clueso Gesang
Photo: Claus Geiss
De-Phazz Band
Photo: Raul Ollo
Bill Evans Saxophon
Photo: Berny Meyer
Wolfgang Haffner Artistic Director & drums
Photo: Dirk Messner
Max Mutzke Gesang
Photo: mochilla
Nightmares On Wax DJ
Photo: Ben Knabe
Jörg Achim Keller Dirigent & Arrangeur
Foto: Berny Meyer
German All Star Big Band Big Band
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